Hello there!

Welcome to my little slice of the internet!

My name is Genesis, and I am a design and color fanatic! I have always been interested in both art and computers so it came to nobody’s surprise when I got my undergraduate degree in Art, and took supplementary classes in digital communications and web design/development. With the combination of visual art and digital communications, I have been able to provide both graphic design and web design services for over 15 years!

I am an avid believer that marketing materials should be a visual experience in addition to being a sales tool for you to advertise your business. My goal is to empower and support you in marketing your brand while providing a platform for you to highlight your strengths.

Paired with my passion for art and development experience in web design, I’m confident that together we’ll construct a knockout web presence that you’ll love. I can’t wait to work with you!

A Few Fun Facts About Me

  • In addition to being an art lover, I am also a lover of travel! In our spare time you can catch my partner and I road tripping throughout California to go wine tasting or find us in museums in Venice, London or Paris. We live to travel!


  • I am a huge animal lover! I have been a volunteer for various dog rescues for nearly 20 years and have three dogs of my own. Make no mistake…they are the real bosses here! Additionally, my partner and I are “adoptive” parents of three koalas at a koala hospital in Australia as well as a turkey at a local farm sanctuary.


  • I am a hopeless British history nerd. I voraciously read books on English and Scottish history  (23 within the past year alone), and am slowly chipping away at a Master’s degree in Scottish Heritage as a passion project. 


  • I’m a Potterhead! I have read the Harry Potter books multiple times over and have seen the movies more times than I can count. I have even been to the Warner Brother Studios in London to spend a day at the Harry Potter Studio Experience. If you’re an HP fan and find yourself in the London area, I highly recommend!